“Calculate MIMS dissolved gas concentrations without getting a headache.”

mimsy is a data analysis package that transforms raw MIMS (Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer) signal data into dissolved gas concentration readings (mg, micromole) of N2, O2, and Ar based on gas solubility at temperature, pressure, and salinity. Supports dual-temperature standard calibration for dual-bath MIMS setups. mimsy is designed to be simple and accessible for non-R users.

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Crunch data in 5 lines of code or less

# Load data into R
data <- read.csv(file = "data.csv", header = TRUE, stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

# Run the mimsy function
results <- mimsy(data, baromet.press = 977.2, units = "hPa")

# Save the results
mimsy.save(results, file = "results.xlsx") # To Excel file
save(results, file = "results.RData") # To RData file

# Done! :)


mimsy holds no endorsement from the Bay Instruments company. This software is preliminary and subject to revision. By the use of this software, the user assumes their own responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the program.


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