Easily save the full output of the `mimsy` calculation function to a nicely-formatted, multi-tab Excel .xlsx file.

mimsy.save(x, file)



object to be written to file, the output of `mimsy` function


desired file name with .xlsx ending. Example: "mimsyCalculations.xlsx"


Outputs an excel workbook to the user's working directory


data <- read.csv(file = system.file("extdata", "data.csv", package = "mimsy"), header = TRUE, stringsAsFactors = FALSE) results <- mimsy(data, baromet.press = 981.2, units = 'hPa')
#> Error in mimsy(data, baromet.press = 981.2, units = "hPa"): Single-point temperature calibration is not yet supported, but will be soon. Please send an email to michellekelly@ku.edu if you would like this update to take priority! :)
mimsy.save(results, file = file.path(tempdir(), "results.xlsx"))
#> Error in openxlsx::writeData(wb, sheet = "Results summary", x = x$results): object 'results' not found